Two-Letter Blend Flashcards

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A set of 20 two-letter blend flashcards featuring coloured images. Perfect for learning letters and sounds. 

What is a blend?

When two or more letters appear together and you hear each sound that each consonant would normally make, the combination is called a blend. For example, the word blueberry has two consonant blends: bl, for which you hear the sounds for both b and l.

Each set is printed in the UK on 350gsm card with a beautiful gloss lamination on one side. Each card measures approximately 148mm x 105mm and corners are rounded and child friendly.

Each set will come in a white matte gift box for safe keeping.

Images include;

Bl Blueberry, Br Broccoli, Ch Chair, Cl Clock, Cr Crown, Dr Dragonfly, Fl Flag, Fr Frog, Gl Globe, Gr Grape, Pl Plane, Pr Pretzel, Sc Scarf, Sh Shell, Sk Skateboard, Sm Smile, Sp Spider, St Starfish, Tr Tree, Wh Wheel.

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